YoloTalk Social Networking is networking without restrictions.
However, spam, adult content and abusive behaviour are not allowed.


YoloTalk has implemented a wide variety of techniques and practices that make it one of the most user friendly based social network websites available.

As a free social networking website, YoloTalk offers members an easy and quick way to make their profile visible to as many, or as few members as possible.

With a focus on visibility, the very core of a social networks purpose is enhanced by YoloTalk. Individuals can join expecting to connect and interact with more than just a group of already established friends, and initiate contact with individuals and groups that share the same interests.

Beyond the profiles, commenting and connecting that take place on YoloTalk, there are several design features that are in place to support the growing community as it becomes more active. Spammer software and a strict policy on spammers and scammers helps keep members focused on their profiles and connections without having to worry about unnecessary monitoring on their own part.

Most importantly, a friendly staff that is visible to users is a big part of YoloTalk. Members can always count on being considered by the website staff, and user concerns are taken into consideration by YoloTalk instead of being ignored like so many larger websites have the tendency to do.